Friday, October 11, 2013

Paradise Cove Resort October 11, 2013

 This morning we woke up to a foggy day. By noon most of it had burned off and was a nice day.

We drove to the next town north, Wheeler, where we knew there was a fabric store. From the last time we were here, there are quilt blocks painted on various buildings in Tillamook County, and we wanted to get as many pictures of them as possible. We started with the one in Wheeler and the sales lady gave us a map of where we could find the blocks. Most are in Tillamook, and will have to wait until tomorrow to have their picture taken. We also found out there is a shop hop going on in Oregon till the end of the month, so it gives us a goal while we are on the coast. She also gave us a list of all the quilt shops on the coast. With the shop hop, there is a free simple quilt block kit at each store.

We next drove to Cannon Beach to go to the fabric store there. We got way laid at a shop that makes their own glass bowls and vases. We got to watch them making a large vase. After it came out of the oven and was the shape they wanted, it was placed in an oven at 900 degrees to cure so it wouldn't brake. They told me that the main oven is about 2300 degrees. It was an interesting process. They had
many beautiful pieces of glass for sale.


 After that we went next door to the fabric store and we found some batiks on sale and we bought some that were 40% off, which to us with no tax, is almost 47% off. We got our free quilt block and got our shop hop stamp. We both know we are not going to be able to visit all the shops, but free is good, especially if we are going to visit the store anyway.

After the fabric store, we went across the street to a small sandwich shop that made its own soup. We each had a bowl of soup which came with homemade bread. It was good and filled us both up.

 This tree was at a boat supply store in Cannon Beach. Different decorations.

We stopped at one of the beaches and got a few pictures. The ocean seemed kind of rough today, and we saw the waves crashing over some of the rocks. It was nice and sunny by then.
After that we came back to the fiver and Cindy spent the afternoon finishing up a quilt she had started.

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