Thursday, October 17, 2013

Moved down the Road October 17, 2013

Neskowin, Oregon High 66 Low 43

We woke up to fog on the mountains. Last night got down to 39 degrees, kind of cold.The fog soon burned off and it was a lot warmer.

On the way to Tillamook we saw lots of fishermen in their boats fishing for salmon.

We left the RV Park just before noon and took our time getting to the next one because we only had about an hour and a half drive. We moved south about 60 miles. We weren't supposed to be able to check in until 3:00, but we were able to check in at 2:00. Cindy got some interesting pictures. She thought the ferns growing in the tree were different. We saw another chipmunk in a tree but we weren't able to get a photo.

This is a large RV Park with a gated entrance. It looks like a well-kept Park. 

It is supposed to be warmer tonight and warmer tomorrow.

After we got parked, we just relaxed the rest of the afternoon. This RV Park has cable, so we probably will watch too much TV for the next week. We’re just relaxing this evening.

Thanks for visiting.

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