Monday, October 7, 2013

Last minute Details October 7, 2013

Yesterday I finished quilting Devon's quilt. I didn't think Cindy would be able to finish sewing the binding, but she had it finished in about an hour and a half. She said it was a lot smaller than the ones we usually do. Devon was quite excited that he would be able to sleep under it last night.

Here's Devon with his quilt. He sure was glad to have it finished. I put two layers of batting in it, one for warmth and one to make it puffy. He liked that the lions face kind of puffed out.

This morning I vacuumed the truck and hooked it to the trailer. We went to see Alice (Cindy used to work with her) and her husband, Jerol, to see what they had been doing. They built a nice new garage since we have been to their home last. Alice had lots of quilt projects going on. Jerol likes to work with rocks and we tried to talk him into going to the Rock and Gem show in Quartzsite next January, but they said they will have to wait until possibly 2015.

We then went to see Cindy's mom in Orem. We took her some of the salmon from Alaska. She got home from the rehab center, and is feeling a lot better.

We went grocery shopping for a few last minute things to take with us when we leave tomorrow. It's official, we are headed back to Oregon, for a least the next three weeks, and will see after that. We have discussed staying at the Escapee park in Sutherlin, but are not sure. We'll see how the weather is toward the end of the next three weeks before we make a final decision.

We have friends in Roseburg that we would like to visit while we are in Oregon, which isn't too far from the Escapee Park.

This evening we are just hanging out. Thanks for visiting.

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