Friday, November 1, 2013

Sea Lions and Beaches November 1, 2013

Florence, Oregon High 63 Low 52

Today we expected rain, but woke up to …Sunshine. Right now it is starting to get cloudy to the north and  the weatherman on TV is predicting a worse storm than the last one. We wanted to go back north and see if the sea lions were out that we had seen on the way south. There were some, but not as many as yesterday.

I have also included some of the pictures Cindy took in Newport. We were walking around the harbor road and heard barking and followed the sound to where there were sea lions.  When we were there it was a nice sunny day, and there were lots of sea lions sunning themselves. There is a large bunch of rocks in the harbor that was covered with sea lions. We also saw some that were swimming toward the rafts that had been placed by the dock. The sea lions were lying around sunning themselves about 15 feet below us. I think Cindy got some very good pictures of them.

There were signs that told about them. It said the males got to about 1000 pounds, while the females were about 250 pounds. Some of the ones we saw were huge.

Today we also went to two beaches. The first north of Florence and the second one was 10 or so miles south.
The first beach was close to where we saw the sea lions swimming in the ocean. It is in kind of a protected area that comes in a ways from the ocean. There are some large, what looks like volcanic, rocks with the ocean waves hitting them.

The second beach is at the Oregon Sand Dunes Federal Park. There was a sand dune we had to go over to get to the beach. When we got near the beach, we found it was covered with lots of broken shells. We did manage to find some good shells to take home with us. Most are not very colorful, but we thought the little grand kids would like them. If you look around Cindy, you can see the broken shells.

The beach stretched both ways for miles.

The white spot behind me was a broken shell.

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  1. Nice sea lion shots! Up close they can really put out some odor:)