Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Grand Parent Activities November 20, 2013

Riverton, Utah High 48 Low 37

This morning we were invited to take our grandson to school for a special presentation. There were about 25 kids in the whole school that got special presentations from the school principal. They got a certificate and a token for a special prize from a vending machine in the office. We were proud of him.

He really was happier than this picture looks. 
The principal making her presentation.

There were a few kids absent.

I worked on making some templates for Cindy to use with her quilting patterns. We also tried loading the new 6D Embroidery Program on her computer. It took most of the day and we are not sure if it is correct. It seemed to want to keep reloading, something to do with the dongle.

I also got some other of the honey-dos completed. I had several phone calls to make that I have been forgetting, and got them done.

I helped Cindy cut out some of the material for one of the patterns she bought in Washington. It is now made into a kit that she plans on taking south with us.

I'm afraid not much else going on. Thanks for visiting.

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