Monday, November 18, 2013

Yard and RV Things November 18, 2013

Riverton, Utah High 57 Low 39

Today we woke up to a nice, but cool, day. By noon it had warmed up a lot, and Cindy decided to do some more yard work. Hopefully she's done and things can sit until next spring. She had a lot of it finished when we were here at the first of October. I have to admit, the yard does look a lot better.

We got the fiver unloaded from our last trip to Oregon (lots of fabric). I wanted to power wash the trailer and see if I could get a lot of the dirt off while it was fairly nice. I haven't used the power washer for a while, and it refused to start. If I put a little gas in the carburetor, it would start and run until the gas I had put in ran out. Gas was going into the carburetor, but just refused to run. I ended up taking the carburetor off and cleaning out the small orface with a pin. After that it would run OK.

I got the fiver washed at last. It's not as good a job as I would have liked because of no hot water, but it looks a lot better. My hose leaked and I wasn't able to stop it, so I don't know who got the wettest, me or the trailer.

I looked and felt like a drowned rat.
We took Cindy's computer to the sewing machine store (Rocky Mountain Electric Quilters)  to see if Nick could do anything with the embroidery program that Cindy wasn't able to open. He worked on it for about five minutes, and told her it was good to go. This was a big relief to her because two other stores told her she must have a bad file that wouldn't let her open the 1000s of embroidery patterns. Just a matter of knowing your program and computer. He also told her he gives one on one lessons to learn the 5D or 6D programs. She is hoping to design the Hummel quilt we saw in Fairbanks.

I sent an email to Sandi to see if we would be able to get together with her and Jim when we are in Q or Yuma or Mesa this coming year. I hope so, because they are good people. We had fun meeting them last March, and would like to get together with them again.

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  1. Is that your backyard? Wow, looks beautiful.

    1. Yes, we have had several weddings held in our back yard.