Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Unique Estate Sale November 30, 2013

Riverton, Utah High 50 Low 30

Today was a nice semi-warm day. It has been a little cool at night, but warms up a lot by afternoon.

As you probably have gathered, we like to go to yard sales on Saturday. Today was no exception.   The first one was a yard sale that had a lot of material. Most of it was not quilting material, so Cindy was only able to get one box. I had looked at the yard and estate sales listed on the internet, and one was advertised as an estate sale. Only it had a special twist. You had to take at least a box of stuff and it all was free. That's right, FREE! We almost didn't go to it thinking it would all be junk, but when we got there they had a whole house full of stuff for free. They just wanted to get rid of it so they could clean out the home.

We found about 20 almost new stuffed animals, a lot of them from Disney. Some still had price tags on them. There was a box of Disney collectible Christmas ornaments, and pins. Cindy found a box of small cars for kids that had never been opened. We got a Rubbermaid 5 shelf kit, that as close as I could find at Walmart would have cost at least $250.00.

We got one stuffed bear that is huge. We have a room upstairs that we call the Bear Cave, and it is full of stuffed bears. This bear is going in there. The grand-kids all like to play in the room and crawl into the cave. I should add at this time, the bigger room was going to be a storage closet, But Cindy wanted a play room for the little kids. So we added the split door and made a small room in the attic and had the entrance painted to look like rocks. As the sign says, we love bears. I thought the kids would like the swing and it has proven to be true for the smaller grand-kids. The table is for the Teddy Bears picnic. In one of my former lives, I built homes, and ours was in the Parade of Homes in the Salt Lake area. We had to come up with unique things and this room was one of them.

The big black bear is one of the ones we got today. We added one or two others today, but we already had most of the others.

This room and the cave are the kids favorite room.
Cindy found one bear named Mary Mocha that Cindy found was an antique collectible bear. There is one on eBay that the person is asking $398.00.

Cindy even found a pair of running shoes in her size that had never even been tried on. (When she tried them on, they fit.)

We got lots of new Beanie Babies for the kids.

There were miniature houses like Department 56 and lots of other accessories of that sort.

I found some books by my favorite authors and some other kid books. There were new unopened games.

We found some Mexican pottery. We finally got the car full and had to quit looking. I joked with Cindy that I could leave her there and fill her seat and come back later.

As it turned out, we were very glad we went to the free Estate Sale.

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