Saturday, November 16, 2013

Yard Sale Score! November 16, 2013

Riverton, Utah High 39 Low 30

Today when we got up  it was snowing. I still have to ask myself: Why are we home?  Oh yes, we promised to be home for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Not a lot going on, except we found an estate sale put on by a family of a woman who was an avid quilter. It seems she lived in eastern Oregon, and the family felt they would do better here than in the small town she lived in. She told me they rented a 24 foot U-haul to get every thing to the sale. There was a whole lot of quilt materials and kits. I found a very large cutting mat to use on our pool table. That makes two weeks in a row.

Cindy found a lot of kits she liked, and they only wanted $10.00 for the 40 inch by 6 foot cutting mat. Cindy found a box of scraps that had free on it. She asked the lady running the sale if that was right, and was answered yes. Cindy didn't even hesitate and told the lady she would take it all.

We got the small cabinet to put thread in for another $10.00.

A lot of the kits had original price tags on for $120.00. She also got a lot of larger pieces of material.

The free box.
In the free box there was enough civil war fabric to make a fairly large quilt. It had been cut ready to sew into blocks. There were also lot of fairly large pieces. I measured one of them, and it was 1/2 yard. The whole box weighed about 25 pounds.

Altogether, we spent $168.00. Two or three of the kits would have cost more at one of the fabric stores. Cindy was on quite a high on our way home.

The rest of the day it snowed lightly.

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