Thursday, November 7, 2013

Quilt Stores November 7, 2013

Sutherlin, Oregon High 57 Low 43
It rained hard most of the night and today. It is supposed to be partly cloudy tomorrow. 

In the site next to us, now one is at home, except this very large Jack Rabbit. He has posed for me several times, but is very nervous, if I happen to get too close. This is my wild life picture of the day.

We decided to go see the local quit stores and help out the local economy today. It wasn't a good day for sightseeing anyway. The first store is in Sutherlin. The people running it were very nice and tried to answer any questions we had. We found out from them that there is a new store in Sutherlin a little ways away, which is the Pfaff dealer. It is called Chicks and One Rooster.

Cindy had some questions about her embroidery program and was in hopes they could help her. They told us they didn't know the program that well, but they have 2 ladies that come in on Tuesdays to give lessons. So I guess we are going in next Tuesday for 5D Embroidery Software lessons. We talked about that if the lesson goes well and Cindy thinks she is learning the program to her satisfaction, we might stay here another week so she can take the next lesson. I guess it is good to not have a set schedule.

We then went into Roseburg to get some of Cindy’s prescriptions filled at Wal-Mart.

We then went to the Quilt store in Roseburg. It is a very large store. Cindy got a photo of one row of two with all batiks. They have lots of nice quilts hanging one the walls. There was one example of a pattern sewn with four different colors of material, which gave it an entirely different look. They are all quilted differently also, which also changes the look.

They also have little signs us that made us chuckle. 

Cindy bought this kit and some close-out material. Like I said, we had to help out the Oregon economy as much as we could.

A lot of batiks.

This is one example of the quilts that we both liked. The quilting is excellent.

Right now it is still raining.

Thanks for visiting.

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