Saturday, November 9, 2013

Yard Sales November 9, 2013

Sutherlin, Oregon High 61 Low 45

Today we woke up to sunshine. The day was partly cloudy with a lot of sun. It actually got warm this afternoon.

We went for a walk through the Park this morning, and we saw the flock of turkeys, and two deer, but didn’t get any more pictures. We walked through a part of the Park we haven’t seen before. There are some really nice, big lots in here. Someone told us they do get snow, but usually if it snows in the night or morning, it is gone by afternoon. There is about a two year wait to get a lot in this Park, and for about $10,000, it seems reasonable.

We decided to go yard sales today. We went to several, but the only thing Cindy bought was a sack of really nice seashells for a quarter. Then we hit the jack pot at the next sale. There were lots of scrap material, quilting books, and I found a 3 foot by 5 foot cutting board. I have wanted to get a larger cutting board to use on the Ping-Pong table top that is on top of our pool table, which I use to cut material for Cindy. She got 8 or 9 books and a half full sack of material scraps and the board for $30.00. A 2 foot x 3 foot cutting board is now about $50.00, so I thought it was a bargain. The lady having the sale was going to get an RV, and talked to us about ours. We told her we had a long fifth wheel. She asked about it versus a motor home, and I had to tell her it was really a matter of which you preferred. She said her husband had a stroke and was not in the best of shape. I told her that we have been told not to wait, if traveling is your dream.

We went back to the fiver and finished up a quilt. The kit called for mitered corners, and this is the first time we have tried it. It does give a nice finish to the quilt, and we may try it again, even though we had a little trouble doing it.

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