Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Drive in the Country November 12, 2013

Sutherlin, Oregon High 57 Low 45
We went for a drive to a little town called Glide. We followed the North Umpqua River for a while looking at all the pretty sights along the River. It is a pretty part of Oregon. We went to where the North Umpqua is joined by another river. At that point there is a view point.

We then followed the River up the mountain for a while. We got to see some small waterfalls, and lots of rapids. We did get to see some deer on our drive. 

 At one place there is a bridge over the river to a trail through the trees. We got to see one small squirrel run up a tree.

Cindy likes to take pictures of all the moss covered trees. She also liked to see all the different types of mushrooms.  

We saw an eagle flying up the river, but weren't able to get a photo.

See the squirrel.

Interesting mushrooms. 


It was a laid back day, just enjoying the beautiful scenery.

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  1. One of our favorite areas of Oregon. We have often talked about retiring to Glide. The Umpqua River is so beautiful.

    Did you stop at Colliding Rivers where the two rivers meet head on? There's a sign explaining it.

    Happy you got to see the area.

    1. We did stop at the view point. When I wrote the post, I couldn't remember what they called it.