Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Moved to SKP Park November 6, 2013

Sutherlin, Oregon High 63 Low 52

This morning was a lot warmer than it’s been. The sun actually came out part of the day.

We went back to the little Cafe in Laketown for breakfast. We both decided on Biscuits and gravy.  With glasses of milk for both of us, the bill came to $7.98. We didn't think that was too bad, and the breakfast was huge. I still recommend this little cafe.

Cindy got some picture of the lake which the RV Park is by. It is quite a large lake. She also got a picture of our site in the park.

We left at about 10:00 for a 2 hour drive to the Escapee Park in Sutherlin. When we got here the office was closed for lunch, and we had to wait about 45 minutes for the office person to get back from lunch.

After we got set up, I wanted to get fuel and see a quilt store. I picked Cottage Grove, which is about 30 miles away and also has a quilt shop. I paid $3.629 per gallon, which is $.35 per gallon less than around here. I averaged almost 13 miles per gallon, and put in $338.00 worth of fuel (just over 93 gallons).
After we filled with fuel, we went to the quilt store. It is called Dee Dee’s quilts, and is run by a couple. The gentleman was running a quilt machine almost like mine, but his is all by hand. He really is very good at it. He showed me a small flower pattern he had put on a quilt using pink and white thread on the top at the same time.  I might just have to try doing it that way sometime. I thought, at first, that it was variegated thread, but it has a different look than variegated thread.

After that we came back to the Escapee Park and came upon a flock of wild Turkeys. I went back to where they were to get some more pictures.

By then it was starting to get dark, but I came upon 2 deer in the park. I tried to get a good picture of them, but didn't have enough light to get a good pictures, so forgive me for the blurry shots.


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  1. Beautiful area. Of course I'm partial to Oregon having lived near Portland for over 35 years! We used to vacation near Glide, Oregon, east of Roseburg. There's some beautiful waterfalls on that highway to Crater Lake.