Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Slide Problem November 19, 2013

Riverton, Utah High 48 Low 37

Today it rained a little bit. It was cloudy all day and tomorrow is supposed to be more of the same.

I finished quilting two of Cindy's watermelon picnic quilts. Now I'm probably only 20 behind her. The pattern of quilting is watermelons and baskets, but I don't think it shows up on these pictures.

This is the bad solenoid.

We have been having a problem with the slides on our fiver. Three of the slides are hydraulic and when they come in, they only come in part way and  I had to reverse them several times to get the slides all the way in. I found a reversing solenoid that operates which way the pump runs, which determines whether the slides go in or out. I checked the power to the in side of the solenoid and the switch kept power to it, but the power didn't stay on that runs the motor. I tried to find a new solenoid in Salt Lake, but wasn't able, so I ended up buying one on eBay. It's not a hard fix, just a little aggravating.

This afternoon we went to see Cindy's mom and then her sister. They both seem to be doing OK.

Tammy got an email from one of her teacher friends tonight. I thought it was worth passing on :
Me (to the students): "to those of you who did poorly on the test... if you take it home tonight and write on a separate piece of paper why your answers were wrong, I will up your score".
On a student's paper today: "I wasn't thinking, I wasn't thinking, I wasn't thinking". I don't think she explained well enough! (She wanted the correct answers.)

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