Sunday, November 10, 2013

Wildlife at Timber Valley SKP Park November 10, 2013

Sutherlin, Oregon High 63 Low 45

This morning was foggy and a little cool. By about 12:00 the fog burned off and the sun was out. It got fairly warm and we took a walk in the Park looking at some of the lots.

 We soon saw some trees in fall color.

As we walked on, we saw some turkeys sitting on a fence. They didn’t seem to mind us walking by and we got lots of pictures.

We saw four or five deer and managed to get several photos. The deer mostly are very afraid of us, but one or two seemed to pose for us.

On one of the lots, we saw two Jack Rabbits. They seemed to be sunning themselves and didn't move very far.

Cindy got some pictures of the Holly and berries, and there were 2 different varieties growing side by side.

One of the evergreen trees had a Christmas ornament on it, probably from last year.

While Cindy was cooking dinner, a deer looked through the screen door and startled her. She made enough noise that it ran away. We seem to have plenty of wildlife here in the Park.

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