Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday

 Riverton, Utah High 70 Low 45

Here I am working on the window.

We have been busy since we got home. I started some of the repairs to the truck and fifth wheel. I got one of the windows in the 5er out and got it ready for the stained glass. Yesterday we went grocery shopping and in the afternoon picked up Cindy's Christmas china that we had bought at the estate sale in St. George in January.

4 kids that usually don't like pancakes.

Today was Easter, and the morning started out with cinnamon roll pancakes with four of the grandchildren.  The pancakes were a hit with all four picky eaters. We had some of the family over for Easter lunch. It was kind of stressful on us old folks, a lot of noise and running around. We had three of the kids, eight grandkids, and two great grandkids, and several spouses and one boyfriend here, so we had quite a house full.

We ate lunch, and then because of the difference in ages of the kids, had different Easter egg hunts. We started out with the little kids, with the eggs pretty much in plain sight. The next group was the six to eight year olds. The eggs were hidden a little better.

Getting ready for the Easter egg hunt.

He was having a good time.

Little ones getting lots of encouragement.

These kids are hurrying to see who can get the most eggs.

These were the winners.

Last there were teams of two with one of the team blindfolded, and guided by the other team member. The winners got a large chocolate candy bar. It was a lot of fun for everyone.

The proud couple.

He could hardly move the pinata.
After that, we had partly filled the Audit Piñata (see the retirement bog in St. George) with candy and hung it up so the kids could take turns trying to break it. We let the little ones swing at it about as many times as they wanted. They didn't do much damage. The little older ones went next, until one of the finally got a hole in the piñata, spilling some of the candy. One of the older ones took a swing, and finished it off, spilling candy all over. They seemed to have a lot of fun doing this.

Skyler did break a hole in it.

Again, no damage.

Home run!

Plenty for everyone.
Drawing with sidewalk caulk.

We weren't the only ones worn out!

Cindy and I were so tired out, that we had a short nap after everyone went home. Overall it was a good day. Tomorrow will not be a good day; we have to do get our taxes ready for our accountant fun fun…

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