Sunday, March 3, 2013

Moved back to the Q Casino

The Q Casio High 82 Low 55

Cindy's shrimp from the other night.

Waiting for our table number to get called.       

The serving line.  


The meal.

Last nights sunset.
Today we had to meet him to give our decision, and he said he wasn't surprised, but denied the company was in any financial difficulty. Cindy did give him an opportunity to dicker on the price, but he didn't say anything, so we hooked up and came back to the Q Casino. The good part of it all was that we were able to get dumped and all our clothes washing done, along with two days of free camping with hook ups and TV, so it all was good.

After getting set up from our long journey (about 3 ½ miles) I decided it was time to start cleaning the trailer, so I got out my bottle of The Solution (Thanks Rick for the referral of The Solution), and got about ½ of it done before it got too hot. I’m going to try to finish cleaning tomorrow.

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