Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day at the Desert Garden

Mesa, Arizona        High 55 Low 43
Clockwise: Cindy, me, Scot, Dr. Nick.

Today we went to Chompies for breakfast with each of our sons. It was quite a good breakfast. After that we went to Scots’ home in phoenix, and visited with him for a while. We then went to the Desert Botanical Garden with Scot and Dan. We spent quite a while there and saw a lot of the desert plants and cactuses. There were plants from deserts all over the earth. Some of them were marked endangered. Throughout the garden were sculptures by Carolina Escobar.

At another place in the garden, there were four very large sculptures by Philip Haas depicting the four seasons. They were shaped to look like fruits, vegetables, and flowers placed so they looked like a person. I enjoyed his sculptures more than the others. We spent several hours at the gardens looking at all the plants, birds, and animals

Looks like cactus.

They are really made of glass.

Humming bird

Large flower

Supposed to look like a snake?
Kind of neat cactus.

These were marked endangered.

Snakes? As close as Cindy wants to be to a snake.

Scot, forward, me, Dan.

See how this cactus grows around everything.

A cactus maze.

Pretty flowers

Can you see the remains of a nest?

Cindy and I.

Some of the wildlife. Totally unafraid.

Cousin it?


Some more of the sculptures in with the barrel cactus.
After that we went to get lunch, and went back to Scots’. I called the man in Mexico to see if he got our other window, and he said yes, he had it. So we are headed back to Algodones tomorrow to get it. Cindy gets another chance to buy jewelry and pottery! But that’s OK. 

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