Friday, March 29, 2013


Riverton, Utah High 64 Low 43

Sorry, no pictures today. We were driving home yesterday. It was quite a pleasant drive from St George, although a little longer drive than I have got use to, a little over 300 miles. The sun was shinning, and no wind. Even Utah County freeways were OK. It was good that they finally got through with all the construction.

Now we will spend the next month getting repairs done to the truck and camper for our journey to Alaska. I have one more I hadn't planned on. When Cindy closed the slides yesterday, she told me that one of the living room slides had made quite a bit of noise. It closed alright, and I didn't give it any more thought, but when we opened it up after we got home, the same slide wouldn't open all the way. On checking out the problem, I could see that part of one of the cables that open and close the slide, there are four on each slide, had pulled out of the end and the cable had become frayed. Part of the cable was wrapped around the rest of the cable, and that section would not go through the pulleys.

I called the Montana dealer, who is now part of Camping World, to see if I had any guarantee  left. Guess what, we had a year guarantee, and have owned the fifth wheel for almost two years, so no factory guarantee. The service man said this was the first time he had heard of anyone having a problem. He thought the new cable shouldn't be a problem to get.  Lucky me. Cindy says, "better now than in Alaska."

Cindy has been home for 1/2 day and is on her way out to work on the yard. Today we have to take our car in for repairs. Our daughter has been using it while we were gone, and it got a coolant leak a couple of days ago.

We have several other home projects to do, along with the other things I knew about. I can't wait for May to  get here, so we can head North.


  1. Glad you got home and hope that cable isn't too hard on the budget..

    We can't wait to go along with the blog to Alaska.. !!

  2. I agree with Cindy - better now than in Alaska. But such a hassle. Glad you're home safe.