Monday, March 25, 2013

Snowbird in the 1870's

St George, Utah High 73 Low 37

One of the first snowbirds?
Today we went to see Brigham Young’s winter home. He lived here in the winter from 1873 until his death in 1877. The guide told us he came to St George  because of arthritis. I guess he was a snowbird a hundred and forty years ago. Some things that we found interesting were plates with a row of holes around them with a spout on the bottom. They poured hot water into the plate, where it went into the bottom and therefore kept the food warm. There was an old original kitchen stove. There was also an ancient sewing machine, which I bet you quilters would have hated. The beds seem short compared with today. I wonder if the people were shorter. There was and old chair, which we found interesting. The entire cover was made from horse hair.

A view of the outside.

The living room.

Notice the spout.

Original stove

This sewing machine would have been hard to use.

Looked rather short. Each bedroom had a chamber pot.

Fabric made from horse hair.

We went to visit with my sister, my brother in law, and their daughter in law. I hadn't seen them for a while, and we had a good visit.

First view of Snow Canyon.

Very colorful.
We wanted to see Snow Canyon, as neither of us had seen it before. We have been in St George many times, and have missed this very scenic drive. The rocks and canyons are every bit a beautiful as Zion’s National Park, only there was nowhere near the crowds. It is a Utah State Park and is not a big as Zion’s. It is also much closer to St George. We spent some time there taking lots of pictures and walked one of the trails. If you are ever in the St George area, I would strongly recommend the drive.

Red rock hills
Another view.

Notice the sand dunes in the fore ground.

I thought these holes were interesting.

You can see the different colors in the mountains.

Many different streaks.

Some of the black streaks.

The Chase
Another view

On the way to Snow Canyon, there is a round-about with some sculptures on it. They were called The Chase. 

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