Friday, March 22, 2013

Moved to St. George

St. George, Utah High 70 Low 43

All the different ingredients you put in the freezer bag.

Today we had something new to us for breakfast. The RV Park was having what they called omelets in a bag. You got to pick your ingredients, and put them in a small freezer bag. The cook added Egg Beaters and boiled the bag until it was cooked. It was very good.

Here I am, waiting until my name is called.

The mountains along highway 159.
We then got ready to leave Pahrump, and go to St. George. While we were at breakfast, a couple told us about a little different way to get to interstate 15. We stayed on highway 160 till we got to highway 159. This road took us by the city of Blue Diamond. It went around a mountain back to the West and then North, before turning east. It was much more scenic than the other highway. It took us past a place called Red Rock, which is smaller, but rivals the red rocks of Utah. Also there were a lot of Joshua Trees along the way. It didn’t seem to add much time to the trip, and we were both glad we went this way.

 Red Rocks from afar. This picture really doesn't do it justice.
A better picture of Red Rocks.

One of the Joshua Trees by the view-point.

Another one showing the blooms.

A large bloom not yet opened.

Still another view along highway 159

Cindy took this picture to show how close the campers are.
Doors facing each other.Ours on the right.

We had an uneventful trip to the campground, but were surprised to see it is now a KOA Park. We were a little apprehensive, but they had our Coast to Coast reservation, and the person in the office told us that when KOA had taken over the Park, they had agreed to honor any of the commitments they had With Coast to Coast, Western Horizons, and so on, so all was well. The spaces are rather small, and Cindy said we had more room at the Q Casino parking lot in California. Over all we are rather disappointed with the Park. Part of the reason is that some of the sites have shared utilities with one rig coming in from one direction, while the neighbor faces the other way. It left us with our doors facing each other. Some of the slides are inches from each other, with no room to go down the side of either rig. Maybe I’m just complaining, but we have never seen a Park laid out like this, or with the sites this narrow.  The one strong virtue was the upbeat attitude of the office manager. 

Sorry, I wasn't able to post last night. I had no internet, and had to wait until we got to Mickey D's.


  1. Ya Ray, we don't like those door to door arrangements too well either... In the park's quest to save a little money on power pedestals it kills any sense of site autonomy.. Tight parks violate your personal space the way it is without having a neighbor that can watch everything out his front door..........

  2. Oh dear, you are really close.

    We do omelets in a bag when we are in Mission, TX. What fun.

  3. There are definitely campgrounds set up like that and we really do try to avoid them. But sometimes there is no choice. Have fun while you're there.