Saturday, March 23, 2013

Silver Reef

The red rocks at sun rise.

St George, Utah High 57 Low 34

It was quite a bit colder today than yesterday. The wind blew hard all night, and finally quit about 2 AM. I was cold all day, but Cindy wasn’t too bad until this evening. There is still a little wind, and it’s enough to make it too cold for our walk. One truck and trailer came into the campground with snow on the roof. Please tell me why we’re going home! I would rather go back to Arizona for a while longer, but we do have to get ready for our trip to Canada and Alaska.

This morning we went to an estate sale and some yard sales, but didn't buy very much. We were in the area of a new quilt shop we had seen from the freeway, and wanted to see what it was like. They had about the most fabric we have seen with the exception of The Fabric Depot in Portland, Oregon. Cindy is working on a hand paper piece quilt made up of hexagons, and was able to find some blender fabrics for it.

We then went over to a place called Johnson Farms where there are a lot of dinosaur tracks. We saw it several years ago when they first discovered the tracks, and they have put up a large building since and are now charging admission.  We decided that since we had already seen the tracks, we felt like we didn't need to see them again.

We came home and had lunch, and then went up to the remains of a town called Silver Reef, which has a Wells Fargo Depot that has been turned into a museum. It was supposed to be open on Saturdays, but was closed today. We were able to see the ruins of several building, as well as several places with the history written about the different buildings.

An old horse drawn tractor at the museum

Originally a Wells Fargo Office

Big iron doors on the Wells Fargo building.

The sign said built in 1915.

Part of an old house

 They also have two separate pioneer cemeteries.  One was for the Protestants and the other for the Catholics. We both found that kind of interesting. They are located about ½ mile apart. There weren't very many headstones that were readable, but the ones we could read were from the 1880’s. There were also some modern headstones dating from about 2001 till 2011 in both.

There was also an old vertical mine shaft, with the remains of the lift. It had a concrete footing around it with about one inch rebar crisscrossed over it. I would guess so no one could fall in, as we were told that it was about 500 feet deep.

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  1. We've been to Silver Reef a couple of times. Lots of fun to see your pictures and remember when we were there.