Monday, March 4, 2013

History in Granite

The Q Casino  High 81 Low 54

The History in Granite, what an unexpected find off of Interstate 8.  Ray and I were told about this unique museum while staying in the RV Park. It is a world history book written in granite.  Some of the other interesting item beside history is the Eiffel Tower stairs (section number 12) Michael Angelo’s hand of God, but by far the star of the show are the granite monuments.  There are several sets of monuments the are dedicated to different topics: The Civil War, Korean War, French Foreign Legion, history of aviation and music just to name a few.  You could easily spend several hours reading all of the panels of information; it also is a work in progress.
Ray looking at one of the panels.
Several panels depicting Michael Angelo's painting, not quite the Sistine Chapel, But still very good.
Shows the history of the pyramids and sphinx.
One of our bucket list places to see, because of the current world situation, we may never get to see Petra.

An aerial view
From Michael Angelo's painting and also a sun-dial. 

The pyramid that houses the "Center of the World". 

An example of the slabs of granite.

This one is in progress. We thought the artist was very good.

Part of the original stairway.            
A shot of the stairway.

From a newspaper account of the museum.

At the bottom of this one tells about our  current president.

The legend of how cheese was dicovered

The small church on the hill at the Museum.
The purpose is to show case in a permanent way the enduring aspects of the human race. The granite panels are estimated to last 4000 years, with the question asked, “Will the human race last that long”?

We both hope the stained glass is ready tomorrow, because we are both getting hitch-itch. It's time to move on.


  1. I've never heard of that place. Very interesting.

  2. I saw someone else's blog on this a while back. Thanks for the recommendation. I've added it to my bucket list.