Friday, March 8, 2013

Meeting Fellow Blogers

Mesa, Arizona  High 61 Low 43

Today we left the Painted Rock Campground early because of the wind. I wanted to leave early in case the wind got any worse. We made good time to Mesa, arriving about 11:30. We are presently at the Val Vista Villages RV Park. It looks like a pretty nice Park. The present plan is to stay here for a week, and then move to Bull Head City for 2 days, then to Parump, Nevada. We want to see Death Valley, and it looks close to Parump.
Shortly after we got set up, it started to blow and rain. It got kind of chilly in a hurry. This afternoon we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner with some fellow bloggers and some of their friends. The pictures are of them.

Jim Dixon and Jim Melvin 
Starting from the right, me, Sandi and Jim Dixon, Jim Melvin, Bobbie, Dianne, Jan.

From the right, Bobbie,Dianne, Jan, Kyra Miller, me, Sandi and Jim

Kyra Miller, Key Ward, Jan, Dianne
Key standing, with Jim Melvin on his left and Bobbie to his right.

Better picture of Kyra

The group visiting with me trying to take a picture with my phone.

Better view of Sandi, Cindy over the top of Sandi.
 We visited for about 2 hours, and had a good time meeting some of the bloggers we have read about. We all hope to get together in the future.
After we got back to our 5er, It started to really rain and hail. I thought it was supposed to be a desert here. Some of our readers may not know: click on high lighted names to go to their blogs.


  1. We had such a great time last night. So glad we got to meet you guys. I'm hoping we can meet up once more before you head out. A fun time.

  2. Hi Guys! Really good to meet you. Wish you the best in your travels and look forward to seeing your Alaskan adventure.