Monday, April 1, 2013


Riverton, Utah High 57 Low 45

It was cooler today, with rain off and on. I'm glad it was warmer yesterday and the kids could go outside. They had a lot more fun than if they had to stay inside.We spent most of the morning getting things ready for the accountant to do our taxes.

 This afternoon, I worked on the 5er some more. I got the stained glass put in the window frames, but will have to finish putting them in tomorrow. I will get some pictures of the finished product. Sorry, no pictures today.

I did get a piece of welcome news. The broken cable on our slide won't be such a big job to change. After looking at the internet on doing the repair, I'm almost sorry I didn't try to fix it myself. Other than a couple of tools that I don't have the replacement looks fairly simple. The cable kit had to be ordered, and the repairman asked me if I wanted to get an extra kit to take with us to Alaska. I told him I thought it would be a good idea, so he ordered two kits.

I got the tax paper work to my accountant late this afternoon, and he said it all looked OK, so I guess we will be paying our taxes soon. Having been in business for myself, I didn't make payments, so I always have to pay them.

 Not much else going on.

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  1. Maybe the labor on the cable won't be too over the top and you can feel more reassured that it is done correctly on your Alaska trip.... But just like you, if I determine that I could have done it myself, then I am mad that I didn't try it anyway..... but slides are heavy and just like garage door springs have the potential to go really wrong in a moments notice.......