Monday, April 22, 2013

Quilts and Other Chores

Riverton, Utah High 57 Low 32

Riverton City finally turned on the secondary water. This morning I turned on the sprinkler system. Everything came on except for one system. I checked it out by turning it on manually and found that one valve was only opening up a little, and would have to have a new valve. I was able to get what looks like the same valve at Sprinkler World, and it shouldn't be too bad to replace . I only have to put the top portion on, and not the whole thing.

I spent the rest of the morning finishing Cindy's lap quilt. It is from a kit we bought in Yuma. She added two borders to make it a little larger than the original kit. We decided on a flannel back to make it a bit warmer for Alaska. I think it turned out quite nice.

We then went to the Gammel store to look at a Phaff program that can make quilt patterns from pictures or freehand if you want. Cindy is a lot better at the computer than I am, and she was impressed enough that I expect her to get the software. She wants to play with it on our trip. They also have a couple of up-grades for my quilting program, so we have to go back to the store with a flash-drive to get the upgrades. We probably will buy the Phaff program, or I expect we will, but we still need to talk about it some more.

Sorry this post is so short, but not much else going on. We are in a waiting mode, looking forward to the 3rd of May, 11 days to go. Thanks for visiting.

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