Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Almost There

Riverton, Utah High 61 Low 37

A little cooler today than yesterday. Tomorrow I  go to get the truck inspected and emissions test for the license. Hopefully the State DMV will then give me our renewal stickers for the truck and trailer. We still might wait till Friday to leave for Alaska and Canada, but we shall see. I think we are both ready to leave.

Our granddaughter, Teesa, helped Cindy with quilts and cookies yesterday. We finally took her home at about 3:00. Cindy wanted to see her mom before we left for Alaska, and we had a good visit. We left Orem at about 4:30, so we could beat the traffic on I15. The highway was still quite busy, but not as bad as if we had waited a while longer.

Today we went to Jo-Ann's to get Cindy some thread. Afterward we went to Thimbles and Threads, a Fabric shop in Draper. We were supposed to just be looking, but Cindy managed to buy a quilt pattern. They had an embroidered quilt hanging up that was quite striking. Cindy did get some pictures of it.

The inside of Thimbles and Threads.

I had forgotten to put a picture of Devon's pine wood derby car on the last post, so here it is. He did a good job painting it, and putting on what few decals  he had. He says he just wants to have fun racing it next month, but I hope he wins something.

We are still playing the waiting game, with only 1 1/2 or 2 1/2 days till we leave. Thanks for visiting.

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