Saturday, March 1, 2014

Great Breakfast and Yard Sales

Benson, Arizona High 57 Low 41

This morning started out partly cloudy and it started to rain a little at about 1:00. The day has been kind of dreary, but nowhere near the rain that was predicted. It also was warm to us this morning, but cooled off a lot when it started to rain.

Cindy decided to make banana pancakes for breakfast this morning. She puts coconut flakes in the batter, then puts sliced bananas on top. Then to make them even better, she sprinkles chopped macadamia nuts all over. It sure makes a good meal.

After breakfast we went to a few yard sales around town. We didn't find anything to buy until we went to a yard and craft sale at a very nice RV Park on the opposite end of town from where we are.

There was a wood carving, that the man showing it, said his wife had carved. He told us she has only been carving for a year. Some people are very talented. She even won first place in a carving show. These are all of the same piece, just different views.

One of the yard sales had a bead storage box that Cindy thought would be perfect for her new hobby. The price he was asking was reasonable, so we took it home.

Cindy put a lot of her beads and fittings into it, and filled up a lot of it.

We spent the rest of the afternoon working on her quilting projects, her sewing and me cutting for her.

When I came down to the clubhouse to post, It started to rain a lot more. If we were home at this time of year, I would have  thought the clouds looked like snow.

That's about it for the day. Thanks for visiting.

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  1. It's really raining here tonight. Hopefully it clears out before tomorrow. I wanted to hit a couple of garage sales but it was just so yucky out we gave up.