Friday, February 28, 2014

Monastery and Quilting

Benson, Arizona High 81 Low 52

Today was a little warmer but windier day. Rain is predicted for tomorrow.
Yesterday on the way back from Tombstone we stopped at the Holy Trinity Monastery in St. David. We walked around a bit and looked at the grounds. It is a pretty place. The inside is not as ornate as some churches we have been in. From their website, it is only 40 years old, construction having started in 1974.

Today Cindy finally finished the Alaska quilt. The pattern called it Quilting on the Kenai. I think it turned out very nice. It may not be large enough for a king size bed and we may have to add some more boarder.

We went to the Escapee Park here in Benson to quilt with the quilting group at their park. All the ladies were exceptionally nice to both of us, and invited us to come as often as we wanted. One of the ladies recognized us from the Escapee Park in Sutherlin, Oregon. She said she recognized us, but couldn’t remember where. She thought about it for a while and asked if were had stayed at the Oregon Park. I told her we had, and that’s when she remembered where she had seen us. We were there just before they left for Arizona. She and her husband have lots at both Parks, and spend about 6 months at each.

I told her I should wear a badge that I had seen once that said: I can’t remember you name either. I have a hard time putting a name to a face. (We were both wearing our Escapee name tags.)

We plan on spending some more time at their Park next week.

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  1. Glad they were so welcoming at the quilting group. We're still hoping for the rain.

  2. That's a good one..... I can't remember your name either......! About sums us being over 60...

  3. What a gorgeous quilt. Great colors.