Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Moving Day

Lake Havasu City, Arizona High 75 Low 54

We left Salome at about 9:00. I had the GPS programmed for this park, and it said we would arrive at about 12:00. I knew this had to be wrong because we were only traveling 100 miles. I had figured about 2 hours. Instead of taking Highway 72, the GPS had us going to I10 and into Quartzsite, then north to Parker. As soon as it decided I wasn't going to go to the Interstate, a half hour disappeared from the ETA. Next it had us turning left in Parker and going to I10 again, then to Needles then back to Lake Havasu. When I wouldn't turn around and go the way it said, it suddenly turned off and the destination wasn't there when it came back on. What a finicky machine. I knew the way to go, but used the GPS as backup. When I got it going again, it still wanted me to go to California then to Havasu. This time when I kept going up Highway 95, as soon as it realized I wasn't turning around, another half hour disappeared.  
We made it to the RV Park just after 11:00, which is what I expected in the first place. We are at the Lake Havasu RV Park at the north end of town. It is a Colorado River Adventure Park. We used Coast to Coast on this one and the total charge was zero. It is always good to have free camping. It looks like it is going to be hot enough here that we will be glad to have hook-ups with power. Both of us are glad we’re not boondocking. We were told they had cable, but they don’t so we didn't have that option.

Since we are so close in town, there is good TV reception with about 22 stations. That should be enough TV to get more than our fill. I should be able to watch NCIS tonight with no problem, and Cindy was able to watch part of one of her soaps and all of the other.

We walked around the Park and found some old wagons as part of the decorations. They seem to have a lot going on here, with almost something for everyone. It seems like a nice Park with friendly staff.

We went into town to the grocery store and bought a few things we were out of. Cindy also wanted a small piece of embroidery thread she needed for some of the quilt blocks she has been working on.

I wanted to try to get a good sunset picture, but wasn't able to do very well. Instead I got a good shot of the almost full moon.

There was more pink than this, but I couldn't get it to photograph.

That’s about it for the day. Thanks for visiting.

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  1. Our GPS (on our phone) is pretty good about giving up and going our way. Have a great time at the Winter Blast. Lots of folks there.