Saturday, February 15, 2014

Mostly Quilts

Lake Havasu City, Arizona High 88 Low 57

It has been warm during the day, but cools off nicely at night, which makes for good sleeping. Yesterday it got to 85 degrees.

We have been relaxing and went swimming one day. We haven’t had any agenda, other than to enjoy the warm weather.

We went to the two fabric store in town, and saw a lot of nice quilts and patterns. Cindy feels like she has enough for right now, so we didn't
buy anything.

This looked like a nice quilt with lots of color. I thought it was more Christmas, but the lady said it was a cactus flower quilt.

Cindy has been working on three quilts, and finished up two. One is the lady bug crib quilt, and it turned out quite cute.

 The other is a quilt that we bought last year while we were in Yuma.

She still has to finish the Alaska quilt, but it is nearly finished. I am going to have to wait until it is finished to take any pictures.

It looks like, when we get back to Riverton, I will have lots to do.

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  1. Cindy & Ray - i love the freedom quilt, do you remember which shop you saw it in? Also the lady bug quilt is precious. Thanks Becki