Wednesday, February 12, 2014

More RV Repairs

Lake Havasu, Arizona High 81 Low 55
I spread this so you could see how badly broken the cable was.

I have learned to check the cables on our front slides. I had noticed one a few days ago had one strand broken. Today when I checked it again, it was broken about half way through. It was time to change it. I have had to change the same left front one three times, and it seems to be doing OK now. This time it was the right front cable. I wanted to work on it before it got hot, so I changed it this morning. We took a few pictures. It seems like it was a good thing to learn how to change the cables and buy the necessary tools. It took me about an hour to replace the cable

This would be easier with a cable cutter, but my drill does the job. So far I haven't had any cables disappear inside, which would make the job a lot harder. 

It was warm enough this afternoon that we decided to try out the swimming pool here. The water temperature was just right and we spent about an hour in the pool. It was a nice refreshing time.

Cindy has almost got her lady bug quilt finished and I will put some photos of it on the blog when she is finished. It is a cute crib quilt for one of the kids.

Phoenix is predicting records highs for later in the week and it is supposed to be as hot here. It is still better than all the cold and snow in other parts of the country. I called my son in Savannah, and he told me that it was 36 degrees at 1:00 when I called.  I told him it was only 73 here, and he said he really feels sorry for me. LOL

I had a little business at the bank, and we went to Walmart this afternoon.

That’s about it today, thanks for visiting.


  1. We don't have cables on our rig ( I had to check with Jim). He couldn't believe that you have had to change those cables as often as you have.

  2. We were in Walmart yesterday too. We moved over to the rodeo grounds.