Monday, February 10, 2014

Still at the KOA

Salome, Arizona High 75 Low 48

We haven't done much the last few days, so I didn't post. Today is supposed to be a lot warmer than it has been, and last night was definitely warmer.

Have I told you how much I hate TengonInternet? Yes it is shared, and yes there are a lot of people on it. The only problem is I can be on it one minute, and am kicked off the next. I have never had good luck with it at any park that we have been in that offered it. So besides the fact that we are just chilling out here, I haven't had good enough internet to post most of the time. Sorry for that little rant.

We have been working on Cindy's Alaska quilt, and finally got all the blocks finished. She now has to applique on the various animals, and we can start to put it together. It looks like it will take a while to put together.

The afternoons here have been warm enough for us to take some walks, but Cindy's back still won't allow her to walk far.

Tomorrow we are leaving here to go to Lake Havasu City just in time for Winterblast. It was fun last year and I'm looking forward to seeing the fire works again. This time we will be in a RV Park instead of boondocking like we did last year, but I still plan on going out to the Steps to see the Boomers.

When we were in Havasu last year we missed the small boat races and I don't know exactly when they take place, but I think it was during Winterblast. Maybe we'll get to see them this year.

There definitely is a lot more to do there than here. The people that stay here all seem to have ATV's of some sort, which we don't have, so we don't have a lot to do  unless we want to drive somewhere.

After Havasu, we are heading to Mesa to meet up with some of our fellow bloggers and see our son. After that we haven't decided where we will head, but probably to Tucson or that part of the State.

I hope wherever you are, you are enjoying your day. Thanks for visiting.



  1. Have you considered looking into Millenicom? Once you get over the initial purchase, which I think is reasonable, the monthly fee is only $69 and that is for 20 Gigs, and with no contract. We started using it in January moving from a Verizon Jetpack to the Millenicom Jetpack which is newer and faster. Millenicom is a reseller of Verizon. Technomadia blog has done two or three postings about Millenicom and other services like it which really tell it as it is. Just a thought, I have nothing to gain from it, but I think you all might. --Dave (

  2. Say "hello" when you stop by the steps. There will be 4 rigs from the circle there. Don't forget that the Escapees have a luncheon the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays in AJ.