Friday, February 7, 2014

It is a Small World

Salome, Arizona High 66 Low 43

Last night was a bit cooler again. Today was partly cloudy, but fairly warm. I guess I shouldn't
Nice cactus garden at the other RV Park.
complain when the high at home is colder than the low here. Also they are predicting snow for the next few days.

This morning we went to another RV Park, where they were having a craft sale. There were lots of neat stuff, but we didn't buy anything. There were some very talented crafters.

Cindy really liked this carving.
She also liked these pendants.

We decided to go to a quilt show in Quartzsite and on the way we got pictures of the town of Hope’s signs. I thought they were a little unusual.
Oh, oh, I'm now beyond hope!

The quilt show was held at the Senior Citizen Center in Quartzsite. It was a fairly large show in spite of being held in a small town (usually).
We have the same blocks, with the same material.

We were busy admiring the quilts, when Cindy said “that one looks like the material we had at a quilt block of the month in West Jordan”. When we looked at the name tag, sure enough it was the block of the month at the same store we had done the same blocks of the month. We didn't know the lady that entered it, but felt that it really is a small world.

The Poinsettia's are embroidered.  

There were several quilts we liked better, however. We took quite a few pictures, and Cindy ended up buying some fabric, even though she said she wasn't going to. One of the vendors was from Lake Havasu City, and had put their fabric on sale for the show. Just have to keep building that stash. LOL This quilt was our favorite.

We went over to Gem World, where Cindy found some more supplies for the beading she wants to do. It’s turning into an expensive hobby, and she still hasn't made anything. I guess I’m just as bad, because I bought her a few things on eBay, which will be waiting for us when we get home.

There is a craft show at this Park tomorrow, and we will see what they have.

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  1. I was going to tell you that you guys are missing the big quilt show here in Phoenix but you seem to be doing just fine where you are.

  2. Lot of talent there - Love the quilts, carving and the gourd paintings.