Monday, February 24, 2014

Chihuly In the Garden

Mesa, Arizona High 81 Low 51

Yesterday we got home too late to post.

In the afternoon we had our son Scott over for a late birthday lunch for he and I. I barbecued and smoked some of the Alaskan Salmon. Cindy also made biscuits, potatoes, asparagus, and brownies. It was a very good meal.

We then went to the Desert Botanical Garden, where they have a display of glass works by Chihuly. he make many glass shapes, and a few are at the Garden all the time. Until May there is a special display throughout the Garden. We have seen his work before at the Symphony Hall in Salt Lake.

When we got there it was late in the afternoon, and we walked around and took lots of pictures. Cindy took almost 300, and I got nearly another 100. Scott had told us that to really appreciate the glass work, you needed to see it at night, and we were allowed to stay until 8:00. There is quite a difference between what the glass looks like in the daytime versus the night, with all the lights turned on.

I'm going to have to let the pictures talk for themselves.

Scott, Cindy, Ray, Dan

 We also watched a video about Chihuly and his work. It seems he had displays all over the world. As I mentioned, we had seen his work in Salt Lake City, and Scott told us he saw some of his glass at the Balagio Hotel in Las Vegas. I think the glass was way more spectacular at night with the lights on, versus the daytime. I have to agree with Scott that you really should see the Garden at night.

I mentioned that we could have stayed until 8:00, but Cindy's back was bothering her and she could only make it till 7:00. I will try to put more pictures of the display on tomorrows post.

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  1. Looks like we need to put this place on our list of things to do. I've seen the ads but your pictures are so much better.

  2. What a great garden! I didn't notice much of the glass at all when I was there during the day--it's gorgeous!

  3. Wonderful garden and wonderful Chihuly art. I wish we could see it, but I doubt that we will be out that way before the exhibit ends.

    This post inspired me to put together a short post on my own blog. It's at . I've included links to this post and a later one where you shared some of your pictures of the glass artworks.