Thursday, February 27, 2014


Benson, Arizona High 73 Low 43

It was a little windy today, but still very nice.
Today we went to Tombstone and our first stop was the Boot Hill Cemetery. There were a lot of interesting head stones. It looked like a lot of them were dated 1881 and 1882. One little plot had the graves of the men that died at the OK  Corral. . There was also a marker by the 3 that said they were murdered in the streets of Tombstone.

I liked the ones of Lester Moore and George Johnson. There was also a section that looked to be mostly Chinese.

We went into town and walked around the old section and looked at the old historic buildings.

We saw an old stage coach that gave tours of town.

There was a lot of what I guess were town people dressed in 1880’s type clothing. We learned that there were 8 different gunfights put on around town. One claimed to be the only historically accurate depiction of a gun fight. Another said theirs was kind of a comedy.

We went to the Birdcage Theater, which claims to be the only remaining original building in town. There are many bullet holes inside, which have been left. There was a picture of a shadowy figure, and the sign said it was the most haunted building in Tombstone.

After we saw everything we wanted to in Tombstone, we drove out to the ghost town of Gleeson. Since we had been at other ghost towns that interested us, Gleeson totally under whelmed us. There are a few old parts of adobe houses, a cemetery, and an old 1910 city jail. It wasn’t worth the drive.

On the way back we stopped at the old Monastery, but I will talk about it tomorrow since I have so many photos today.

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  1. Big Nose Kate's is said to be haunted as well... Particularly a back stairway, and the back end of the bar by the ladies bathroom... I wouldn't want to be in the bird cage after dark... Especially that downstairs gaming room.....