Saturday, February 22, 2014

Casino and Swap Meet/Yard Sale

Mesa, Arizona High 77 Low 50

It was a little warmer today and will be a bit warmer tonight. It sure beats the snow they have been having in Salt Lake.

We had seen an advertisement on TV for a giant swap meet/ Yard Sale that would be held today at the Fort McDowell Casino today. They also had a breakfast buffet special for the yard sale today: only $1.99.

Lots of  people!

We check out where it was, and is only 20 minutes from where we are staying, so decided to go. We weren't prepared for the huge crowd. We went into the casino and signed up for their Players Club (which you had to have to get the buffet special). With it they also gave you $10.00 in free slot play and I got an extra $5.00 because it is my birthday month.

We then checked out the buffet line, and it would have taken about an hour to get through it, so we went outside to see what was going on with the swap meet. There was a lot of craft stuff, and a lot of yard sale stuff. There were so many people there that some of the time it was hard to get to see everything. I had to park way out in a back lot by their hotel, and it was probably more than 1/4 mile from the casino. I don't think I have ever seen more people parked at any Casino.

After while we went back in to see what was going on with the buffet line, and it didn't look any shorter. While we were inside we decided to play the slots with the free money. Cindy ended up loosing, and I won $23.00, which I cashed in. I always like to play with their money and it is even better when I can leave with some of their money.

We went back outside to see the rest of the swap meet because the line was still too long for the breakfast. Cindy is looking at the beading and jewelry more, and got some good ideas about making necklaces and bracelets. One lady that had the most jewelry for sale told us she was at an RV Park in Benson, where we would be toward the end of next week, and invited us over to their Park to sit in on some beading when we are there.

 This is some of her work.

Breakfast lasted till 1:00, and we had looked at everything we wanted to at the swap meet, so we went back inside to see about the line, and it was way shorter, so we got in line for the buffet. It only took us about 20 minutes before be were seated, and the food was very tasty, so we were glad we hadn't left, as was our first inclination.

We got through eating breakfast at about noon, and decided to go see one of the Quilt stores near Mesa, that we had be into last year. It is still a nice store, and yes Sandi, we bought some more fabric.

On the way back to our Park we stopped at a couple of yard sales, and wouldn't you know, Cindy found some nice beads at one of them.

This evening we went for a walk, and that's all for the day. Thanks for visiting.


  1. I love to go to flea markets but that looked way to crowded for me. Glad you had a good day.

  2. I was tempted to go to that swap meet one time but then I figured out how many people would be there and I rapidly changed my mind. I just cannot handle all those people. I don't want or need anything that bad. If you guys keep on you're going to have to start pulling a fabric trailer behind the trailer. lol