Thursday, February 20, 2014

Busy Thursday

Mesa, Arizona High 75 Low 46

Yesterday after we arrived, we went walking around to see what is here. We found some beaders. The lady had a lot of beads for sale, but we were more interested in some fittings for beading. She told us to try Beads Galore, and we did just that today. More about that later.

Later I walked over to the computer center and was looking at blogs, when a lady came in and asked everyone there to show their park badge. I had mine and I guess everyone else had theirs. After she left someone called her the computer police. They told me you better have you badge.

This morning we found where the wood carvers get together. They are very talented. Their carving is very good. Tonight I don't have good enough internet to post pictures. Too many people on the internet.

This morning in the clubhouse there were doughnuts for everyone.

After the doughnuts, we went to Beads Galore. The name says it all. There is every type of beads and semi-precious stone for beading imaginable. They have every type of fitting, and any supplies you can want to do beading. We found out about a free class this afternoon, and we signed up for it.

We had to be back by 3:30 for an hour class to learn about making earrings. The teacher was very patient and took as much time as we needed to learn how to wrap the wire and attach the posts and hoops. When we got through, she asked if we wanted to learn how to make bracelets, since the store wasn't very busy. We told her we would like to, and stayed to have a lesson on bracelets. She told us it was the same process to make necklaces. We thought it was very interesting.

Today we bought a lot more supplies and beads and stones for beading. Cindy and I both think it looks like it could be a lot of fun making them.

We also went to the local fabric store and bought a lot of thread for my quilt machine. The prices here seem to be a lot better than in Salt Lake. Cindy also bought a very beautiful embroidery pattern.

We also went to the Superstition Ranch Market on about 4800 East Main. The prices for produce are the best we have ever seen. We thought we were buying a lot and the bill was less than $5.00.

This evening we went to KFC for dinner.

We got home at about 7:30, and that's it for the day.

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