Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Meeting Bloggers and Quilt Shops

Benson, Arizona High 70 Low 43

It was another nice day here. I know this report is getting kind of old, but it sure beats the cold weather in the north eastern part of the US.

Yesterday we went to a Quilt store in Sierra Vista. I thought the name was interesting: The Squirrel’s Nest.


We woke up this morning to a beautiful sunrise. It was a little cloudy first thing and made for a nice picture. And just like a sunset, it didn't take long for it to be gone.

We went to Tucson to see the quilt shops there. We also had a meeting scheduled with bloggers we hadn't met before.

Cindy bought this pattern to use up scraps.

Very nice Quilt.

This is one of the quilts Cindy wants to make. It has lots of embroidery appliqued on with lots of interesting quilting.

Pam (with the sun glasses) Randy, and Cindy.
We went to two of the shops first, and then went to meet bloggers Randy and Pam Warner, who are staying in Tucson. We had tried to get together in Yuma, but I waited too long, and since they were in Tucson, we finally agreed upon a time to get together. We got there first, and saw them drive up. We spent about an hour getting acquainted and having lunch. We had a good time meeting them, and hope we can get together another time down the road.

After lunch we went to the other 3 quilt stores in Tucson, and Cindy found at least two quilts she would like to make. This picture is of the owner of the shop we were in showing me some of his quilting on a larger version of the machine I have.

This is a Charity quilt he is doing, which is the second quilt Cindy wants to make.
 I have put some pictures of some of the quilts in the different shops.
Another nice quilt.

I liked this sign on one of the stores.

Yes, Sandi, we bought more fabric and I am now looking for a platform with a box I can lock up to go on the back of the fiver. Not really about the box and platform, but we did get more material. Any quilter knows you can never have too much fabric or too large a stash, after all Cindy is a STABLE quilter.
(Stash Total Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy.)

We had a good time meeting the Warner’s and visiting the quilt shops, after all with the same last name Randy and I have to be related somewhere in the past.

Thanks for visiting.

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  1. Wow - those are a lot of great looking quilts! Thanks for getting together with us today. It was great meeting you and Cindy!