Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Moving Day

Casa Grande, Arizona High 81 Low 52

We had a very laid back day yesterday. We did our washing, getting ready to leave St David.

About the only thing we did that amounted to anything was to go to the Activity Center at 9:00 yesterday morning and look at some RVs that Camping World had brought from Tucson for the People in the park to look at. The best part was the doughnuts they supplied. I don't know how they think they can make money showing RV's in an RV Park. Everyone else felt the same way, but the doughnuts were good.

Wind had been predicted for today and so we left by 9:00 to try to beat the wind. As far as I could tell the weather guessers missed it this time because all I saw was a little bit of trees swaying on the west side of Tucson. Here it has been totally calm all day.

We are in the Sunscape RV Resort, which is actually about 11 miles east of Casa Grande. It is a 55 and older Park, and when I made the reservation, I was asked if one of us was old enough to come into their Park.It is kind of in the middle of nowhere, but is a nice well kept Park. The staff are all very pleasant. We haven't checked out the whole Park, but have liked what we have seen.

We went into Casa Grande to check out a fabric store in town. The one we went to first is now out of business. I got on my phone and found another, so we went to see it. It has fabric and crafts. And yes Sandi, we did buy a small piece of fabric. But it was on sale, so that makes it alright. LOL
One of the quilts in the quilt store. 

After we went to the fabric store, we went and filled the truck. I was expecting it to take about 75 gallons, but I could only get not quite 60 gallons. Jim had told me to not use the tow/haul switch unless I needed it to go downhill and I would get better mileage, and I guess he was right because I got just under 14.5 MPG, which is a lot better than I have been getting, so thanks Jim for the tip.

We are only staying here tonight, and then will spend two days at North Ranch in Congress. We are slowly working our way toward Salt Lake.

Thanks for visiting.

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  1. I'm so sad we didn't know you guys were in Casa Grande yesterday. You could have gone to dinner with us and Jan and Bill last night. Well, I'm glad it was on sale but I still haven't figured out where you're putting all of that fabric. lol Glad Jim's tip saved you some money. That's always a good thing.