Saturday, March 8, 2014

Benson Museum

St David, Arizona High 70 Low 39
We went to the Benson museum. They had lot of displays inside and outside. It is small, but has lots of things from 100 years ago. One of them has some old cameras. There were telephones from the 1950s and older.

One of the outside displays is part of the old Benson Jail. There was a plaque that tells about the construction of the jail in 1938.


There is also a horse drawn school bur from 1914. It has been completely remodeled. Cindy was interested in it.

Next door to the museum is an Arts and Craft Center. There are a lot of quilts on display there. I have put the pictures of some of them on today’s post.

The one in the middle is the paint.
Two of the RV Parks had craft shows today. We went and got pictures, but didn't buy anything. There are lots of jewelry makers in this area. One of the ladies showed us jewelry made from paint chips. She told us that in some of the old car manufacturing plants, when they painted the cars, paint would drip down onto the tracks of the assembly line. It would build up to be quite thick, and after the plant was no longer in use, someone went in and chiseled the paint off and polished it and made it into pendants. We thought they were unique and looked very nice. One of the pieces was made so you could see all the different layers. She said one layer looked like a 1964 car she had. I told her one layer looked like my 1966 Chev. They lady did the wire wrapping and tying. She told us she had been doing this type of craft for 19 years.

Really nice wire bending.

There was also a wood carver that had made wall hangings out of several types of wood.

That was it for our Saturday.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Nice tour. I think we went thru that one pretty quick:)

  2. I see we missed something in Benson. Rats!

  3. I'm keeping track of your route ... I want to check out these places next winter ... I just love the history of the old west!!