Monday, March 10, 2014

Escapee Park/Quilting

St David, Arizona High 72 Low 41

Last night was a little cool, but today was nice and warm.

I found a few more pictures of the paint pendants from last Saturday. They do make nice necklaces.

This isn't one of the paint ones. It was made by the same lady. She does very nice work.

Today we went over to the Benson Escapees Park to quilt with the ladies at the Club House. Everyone there stayed busy making quilts and blocks. Most of the ladies made us feel more than welcome and asked if, and when we planned on staying in their Park and there was one we won’t talk about. She got upset at me over something minor and we left. Usually we have found quilters and especially Escapee quilters to be very nice welcoming people. OK, I've vented, it’s time to move on. I have noticed that there seems to be a lot more visiting, than actually quilting.

There were a lot of ladies doing bead work at some other tables. they make some nice bracelets.Cindy is finally working on her beading and is laying out a necklace. The beaders at the Escapee Park here seem to be making bracelets out of tiny beads, while the ones at North Ranch seem to be more into necklaces like Cindy wants to make. Hopefully when we get there, the beaders will be busy at the Club House.

Kind of small to see.

Not too much else happening today. Thanks for visiting.


  1. There has to be one sour grape in the bunch, doesn't there? I have been collecting small "gemstone" type rocks and would love to learn how to mount them. lf North Ranch were closer to Quartzsite, I'd hop over there and learn. AND maybe they could stir some interest in me to do something with some of the quilting fabric my MIL didn't use before she died.

  2. Sounds like you're keeing y busy, missy.

    How do they make the paint pendants? Those are very pretty.