Thursday, March 20, 2014

Beading and Hanging Out

Fort Mohave,Arizona High 88 Low 61

Yesterday it blew all day. This morning when we got up the wind had stopped and it is supposed to get hot again.

Today I'm putting some sunset pictures on that I got the other night at Emerald Cove. There were lots of clouds, and I thought the sunset would be a lot more spectacular than it was, but oh well. As usual the color didn't last long, and it was soon gone. Sorry their not a pretty as I would have liked, but it is still nice to see an Arizona sunset.

 Yesterday when we were home bound, we finished two of Cindy's necklaces. I had to put the ends on them and a small piece of chain for the clasp to go into. The chain we had was too small, so we went to see if either of the bead stores in Bullhead City had larger chain. Neither of the store has a very large supply of bead supplies and seemed kind of expensive for what they did have, but the second one had a short piece of some chain we could use. We sure liked Quartzsite or Tempe's bead stores better, but they will have to wait till next year.

Tomorrow we are heading north some more and will either stop in Mesquite, Nevada or Hurricane, Utah. I guess it depends on how long I want to drive. We still plan on being home by late Saturday afternoon. How long we stay home depends on taxes and Doctor appointments.

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  1. I always miss the sunsets when we leave AZ. Your necklaces are really pretty.

  2. I love your necklaces, especially the second one, and the sunset photos are gorgeous.