Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Windy Drive

Riverside RV Park, Fort Mohave, Arizona High 73 Low 54

It was extremely windy all night. Cindy could hardly get any sleep. I woke up several times, but managed to get some sleep.

This morning the wind was still blowing, and we debated whether to leave Earp or stay put. I asked the Park if we could extend with our Coast to Coast and they told me I would have to go through Coast to Coast. When I called C to C they told me it wasn't in the 72 hours’ notice and it was up to the Park. Do you follow the runaround I was getting? Well, neither did I.

We finally decided it was only supposed to be an hour and forty-five minute drive and we might as well try it. At first the drive wasn't too bad, but the further we went the worse the wind got. Along Highway 62 the wind was hitting us almost sideways, and the wind was picking up.

We made it to Highway 95 and were waved through the California produce checking station. Right after the junction there were a lot of trucks and RVs parked. It didn't take long for me to find out why. The speed limit was 55 for trailers, and I couldn't get much over 45 for quite a way. Along Highway 95 we had mostly head winds clear to Needles.

At Needles, we changed from going north to going mostly west. Again we had lots of side wind. I was glad it was only about 15 miles to the RV Park.

The wind has been blowing hard all the time we have been in this Park. It is supposed to let up a little later tonight. I hope so.

Our hour and Forty-five minute drive turned into almost 2 and a half hour. It was about the worst drive I remember having, but we made it OK.

We plan on being here until Friday, still headed toward home.

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  1. Sorry you have had such bad wind. It has been relatively calm here in Quartzsite today. Hope your tomorrow is much better.

  2. You're nuts. We just don't drive in that wind. But I'm sure glad you guys are safe. Did you see the video of the truck being blown on its side by the wind? Hopefully the wind does die down by Friday and you won't have such a hard time of it.