Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Quilt Store and Cub Scouts

Riverton, Utah High 52 Low 36

Yes, I'm going to talk about the weather. It is a lot cooler today than yesterday. We set a new record in Salt Lake of 75 for the day. Then today it is supposed to rain, with a possibility of snow tomorrow. I'm starting to miss all the warm temperatures we had in Arizona. No, not really starting to miss them, I missed them from the first day I got home.

We did get all our tax stuff ready to take to the accountant, which I will do this evening.

Cindy wanted a Batik for the back for our Alaska quilt, and one of the fabric stores we go to has a thing where the first customer of the day gets 30% off any fabric, and what is left is then the fabric of the day at 30% off. As a bonus they also started a sale of bolt end fabric. They were supposed to be 3 yards or less and you had to take the entire remaining amount on the bolt. There were lots of Batiks, and all kinds of fabric. Of coarse we had to be first, and got there a half hour before they opened. They already had the sale fabric out, and we asked them that since we were first, would we get the choice of the fabric of the day. They said sure, and since the sale fabric was already out, why don't we look at it until the store opens?

They had lots of nice quilts on display.

We did just that and picked out a lot of Batiks and were going to wait until the store opened, but the sales people told us we might as well pick out which ever fabric we wanted for the fabric of the day, while she measured the sales items. Really nice people to deal with. We found the Batik we wanted for the back, and got all the sale fabric and had it paid for by the normal opening time. We got 30% off on everything, and saved a little over $100. I'll let you figure out how much we spent. You can never have too much fabric.

When we got home, we wanted to power wash our patio, because we are having a family party Saturday afternoon. I needed to get it done yesterday while it was warm. From the pictures, you can see that the patio wasn't the only thing that got wet. I got it finished, and it looks a lot better.

Last night Devon had a cub scout program for all the boys that had awards. He got enough to become a wolf, and even though his picture doesn't show it, he was happy to be able to get his advancement. He is a very quiet child most of the time except when he is fighting with his sister. We were all happy for him.

Devon and his mother.
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  1. Looks like you got power drip washed! Congratulations to Devon.

  2. Interesting quilts and nice job on cleaning the patio. Congrats to Devon on his Wolf Badge!

  3. Well now, Ray, I sure wish you had educated the cowboy a little about "you can never have too much fabric!!"

    1. What can I say? Cindy has me well trained!