Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sky on Fire

Benson, Arizona High 63 Low 41

It rained a gentle rain a lot of the night. We were able to hear it on our roof, when we went to bed, and a few times during the night.

Today it was cool all day. When we woke up today the sun was shining. It was partly cloudy all day, but no more rain. The prediction is for good weather for the next few days, with it warming up all week.
We went for a walk around the Park and looked at all the scenery. We saw some rabbits, but weren't able to get any pictures. We got some nice pictures of the RV Park with the hills in the background.

This evening we looked out and saw a beautiful sunset, and were able to get some pictures of what looks like the sky on fire. It is the first nice sunset we have had for more than a week. Then just as quickly as it appeared, the beautiful sunset disappeared.

All I have to post tonight are the pictures of the Park and the sunset.

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  1. I love sunset pictures but I always find it so amazing how rapidly they change from the glorious reds and oranges to just a night sky.