Thursday, March 6, 2014

Another Nice Sunset

St David, Arizona High 75 Low 46

We started out the day by going over to the Escapee Park. They are having what they call Shoot-out at The Saguaro Corral. We thought it started today, but they were just setting up for it. It starts tomorrow at 3:00.

I forget to mention, about what happened on the way to Benson. We were pulling the fiver along the freeway this side of Tucson. I went over a little hill, and right in front of me there was a recap tire in my lane. There was a truck on the left side of me, so I couldn't move over. I slowed down as much as I could, but still ran over the recap. I watched it in the mirror and it went off the side of the road. I didn't think too much about it and continued to the RV Park in Benson. At the time I mentioned to Cindy, that I hated to run over them, but had no choice. I had heard about some of them causing lots of damage, including tearing off holding tanks. When we got to this park, I saw what looked like tire marks on the right front lower portion of the trailer. When I looked at it, the corner molding was broken, and the aluminum frame at the corner was bent. Looking underneath, the large aluminum skin also had a dent in it. The damage wasn't’t too bad, but still took me an hour to repair it. It looks like it never is a good thing to run over dead recaps.
 Tonight we went to an all you can eat spaghetti dinner at the activity center. It was very good and if you went home hungry, it was your own fault.

One the way home, we noticed a tree in bloom. There were also a lot of ducks eating something on the grass by one of the ponds.

I went out this evening to get some photos of the sunset. There were quite a few clouds, and I thought there might be some good pictures. I got a few and was ready to go back to the trailer, but the longer I stayed the better it got. I ended up getting some really nice shots. And as always, after the best, it only took a short time until they sun was totally gone.

Tomorrow we have a reservation to see Gammon’s Gulch, which is supposed to be really interesting.

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  1. Ugh - hate those 'alligators' --tire pieces in the road. Hope everything got fixed ok. Those are some beautiful sunsets!

  2. John had to dodge an alligator today. I was not watching and about died when he swerved. I thought he was sightseeing.