Saturday, March 15, 2014

Cactus in Bloom

Earp, California High 84(Hot) Low 57

Today we moved from North Ranch to Emerald Cove Resort in Earp, California. It is a lot lower here than Congress, and even though we are on the Colorado River, it is considerably warmer here than what we have been having.
When we got up to leave Casa Grande, two Mourning Doves had started to make a nest on the hitch of our trailer. I had to chase them away to hook up and the still didn’t want to leave, although they finally gave up and flew away.

When we got to North Ranch, we got a lot of pictures of the cactus in bloom. The Easter Cactus, at first had 3 blossoms, and by the time we left, there were 5 very large blossom. Some of them were looking kind of sick, so I guess they don’t last very long.

On the way to North Ranch.

The Easter Cactus.

Very colorful cactus.

Part of the Cactus Garden at North Ranch.

Yesterday we went and met Jana and Mike at their motorhome in North Ranch, but I will wait to put the pictures on until tomorrow. We were ready to leave and Jana mentioned that the people next door were having a yard sale and they had beads and supplies. Well, that put a stop to leaving and Cindy went over and helped them get rid of some of their wares. Jana asked me why we were in dry camping, was it because they are full? I told her it was so Cindy could spend the extra money on beads. They also had a roller storage case for beading and I debated about getting it, and left. But after thinking about it, I went back and bought it for Cindy.

We spent most of the afternoon beading and were hoping to meet up with Al and Kelly, but because of beading we missed them. Hopefully we get to see them next year. Cindy wants to come back for Bead Week, and hopefully we can stay longer next time.

Again, I want to put a lot of cactus blooms on this post, so I will talk about the rest of yesterday, this morning, and our drive here today.

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