Friday, July 3, 2015

We Are in Branson

Branson, Missouri                            High 81 Low 64

We drove from Independence to Branson yesterday. We had no problems until we actually got to Branson. The first problem was I had to make a right turn without enough room to make the turn. We were so afraid of the tight turn, that Cindy got out to watch the tail swing on the trailer. Then I had to have 2 cars turning left back up enough to let me take their lane to make my turn. Today, when we drove past the corner, we could see where large trucks and motorhomes had hit the light pole making the turn. There are big chunks of the concrete base missing and paint all over what is left.

We are staying at Holiday Hills Resort. Getting registered was an experience by itself, narrow roads and no place to park, in spite of going the way the signs told me to. I ran over more curbs with the trailer than I have for a long time. After we got registered and had our site assigned, I had to go back out the narrow roads to get to the RV Park. The road leading to the RV Park was not RV friendly with very narrow roads. The road they told me to go to get to our side required 4 wheel drive, it was so steep. Then the site was too short and very unlevel. When I was assigned, I was told that if for any reason I couldn’t use the site, to go ahead and find another and let them know. There were several nice long level sites and I was able to back into one of them.

We went into Old Branson after we got set up. We checked out Dick’s 5 and 10 and a little store selling Victorian dolls and all things Victorian.

Every thing in the store looked Victorian. The owner told us some of the things are built there.

 We also saw this chicken place.

Last evening, for a while, it rained really hard for a while. The gravel roads that had been worked on recently, got washed down the hill, with mud and gravel ending up in the Parking lot on the downhill side of the RV Park. Thunder showers are predicted for the whole time we will be here.

After getting set up, the site is really nice. They are nice and long and really wide. The RV Park has about 30 sites and there are only 5 RVs in it. I kind of like the RV Park, but I don’t know if the stress to get here was worth it. It was the only Park we could get for the Fourth, so we didn’t really have any choice. I probably wouldn’t stay here another time.
This freshly graded road is the one I tore up getting the trailer into, and when we came back the parking lot below was covered with mud.

Nice wide pull through site!
Today we went to see Spirit of the Dance. It is by the Irish Dancers and we enjoyed the show.

Some of the dancers after the show.

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  1. I never thought Branson would be a place I would like, but it was absolutely THE BEST. We stayed at the Escapees park at the East end of town. I'm sure all of the parks were chock full, it being July 4th weekend. Now that you're parked, you'll have a great time ... enjoy!!! (Love that Victorian store!!)