Thursday, July 9, 2015

Holiday Mountain Resort

Mountain View, Arkansas              High 90 Low 70

We left Branson this morning with light showers. It rained most of the night and when I checked our bucket it had almost 7 inches of water. That seems like a lot of rain in one week.

We drove southeast, first on a main highway, which got smaller and smaller and after while we ended up on curvy secondary roads. At one point the truck got warm enough that the warning beeper came on. Lots of up and down roads did it.

After we got here I washed the bugs out of the radiator as best as I could. It seemed like there were a lot of them in the radiators.

To get to the campground from the office, we had to go over a scary bridge. When I checked the reviews on the Park, people have been complaining about the bridge since 2010. If it hasn’t fallen down in that length of time, I hope it doesn’t fall on us.

The park is very shaded, and we have 50 amp electrical. I had to pay $3.00 per night to get cable. We also have very good internet at our site. We are here with Coast to Coast for 4 nights. There seems to be quite a lot to see in this area.

Today we just got set up and walked around the RV Park to check it out. There is a nice stream going past the RV sites and we saw some fishermen, but there were more people and kids playing in the stream. The water felt fairly warm and Cindy wants to try it out tomorrow afternoon. There is a swimming pool also.

The humidity here is way more than we are used to especially at 90 degrees. The forecast is calling for 100 degrees on Monday. I only hope we can stand it.

We are going to check out the town some tomorrow and not sure about the other attractions.

And Rod, we actually have four states that we can add to our map, North Dakota, Kansas, Missouri, and now Arkansas. I'm going to wait until we get Tennessee and Kentucky before I change the map.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. No humidity at our place. But next week we're going back up to 110 plus with storms which will bring some humidity. Stay safe.

  2. Are you going to the Tennessee Rally? We'll cross the Mississippi into "the East" on Sunday.