Thursday, July 16, 2015

Patsy Cline Memorial

Hurricane Mills, Tennessee            91 Low 72

It was another warm day today.

We went to the Loretta Lynn Western Village today. Cindy wanted to see about Loretta’s cook book. Unfortunately it didn’t have the recipe Cindy wanted, so we declined buying it. We did find out that Loretta lived in a little more modest home by the big one. The lady in the gift shop told us that she was here a lot of the time and always when she is not doing concerts somewhere else.  On the way out we got to see what I think is some kind of crane and we got some good pictures of it.

The small house with the Black truck is what we thought was her home. The large one is for show.

We drove to the town of Camden, where the Patsy Cline Memorial is located. There was a new gravel trail built in 2010 which is passable but now badly in need of repair. We had been forewarned about the flying bugs and we were glad for the deet, which helped a lot. There really were a lot of them. The actual Monument is a large engraved stone which is at the crash site, which happened a little over 52 years ago. We felt like the Monument deserved a stop and were glad we went.

When you think about it, a lot of famous singers have died in plane crashes.

After we left Camden, we drove to Paris, Tennessee to see the large Catfish as you enter town. Paris is supposed to be the Home of the world’s largest Cat Fish Fry. We both thought the sign and catfish were kind of a ho-hum, not really worth the trip to see it.

On the way back I filled the truck for $2.419 per gallon.. That was 20 cents less than we saw other places.

Tonight Bob, sorry we didn’t get his last name, entertained us at the common area again. The store in the RV Park was open today with Loretta Lynn singing over the outside speakers. If you stay here, you better like Loretta’s music, but we do and so it all was good. The RV Park is quite nice, even though some of the sites look a little hard to get out of if you are long like we are.. We are glad we picked here to stay for a few days.
The two things on the roof are large speakers that let sound go throughout the RV Park.

Tomorrow we leave for Paducah, Kentucky where we will see the National Quilt Museum and also will go see Hancock’s of Paducah to look at their fabric, although we don’t have any room for any more fabric.

Thanks for visiting. 

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